China Ready Programme for Singapore's Legal Industry

Growing bilateral trade and investment between Singapore and China, as well as increasing number of internationalising Chinese companies have opened up new opportunities for Singapore law firms and lawyers. Launched by the Singapore Ministry of Law in partnership with Han Culture & Education Group (HCEG), the China Ready Programme provides participants with a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture, business environment, legal system and laws, and training in Business Mandarin in the legal context. The programme is specially developed to expand the pool of Singapore lawyers who can work with Chinese companies and law firms effectively to meet businesses’ needs. The programme will be conducted bilingually. 

China Ready Programme

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2020 Participants Feedback

“The trainer was very prepared and engaging. The use of actual documents to show use of specific technical phrases and terminology was very helpful. It’s good to know what to say when describing a legal concept to Chinese clients.”
– Joel Chng

“The programme provides a good overview of the Chinese legal system and law. I am now more aware of the legal and cultural background when discussing with my Chinese counterparts.”
– Foong Yuen Ping

“Trainers are knowledgeable. I have also gained a greater understanding of the evolution of the Sino-Singapore relationship which will help in having greater sensitivity when communicating with Chinese clients.”
– Tao Tao

“Good presentation and engagement. I have gained knowledge about Singapore-China bilateral relationship, Chinese civil code, Chinese contract law, administrative acts etc. The overview on data protection laws was also useful in advising clients on what to look out for when investing in China.”
– Tan Tian Hui

Module 1: Business and Legal Chinese

This course offers training in business and legal Chinese, and an overview of contemporary Chinese legal system and culture. Curated curriculum will be developed and delivered by experienced professors in local universities. Participants will be trained to read and interpret selected Chinese legal articles, statutes, court decisions and other legal documents and instruments. After this course, participants are expected to be able to communicate professionally in business and legal Chinese, and interpret Chinese legal documents including legal principles and terminologies.

Module 2: Business Culture, Social Economic & Political Context

This course equips participants with the required knowledge and skills to do business in China, including an understanding of the Chinese business culture, social customs and protocols. The course covers the dos and don’ts in communication and networking, business negotiation with Chinese counterparts, and the differences between how Singapore and China work and think. Participants will also gain an overview of Singapore-China bilateral relations since China’s reforms and opening up, and a deeper understanding of contemporary China, including its political structure, institutions, and political, economic and social development.

Module 3: Legal Thematic Sessions

The legal thematic sessions aim to equip participants with a good understanding of the Chinese civil law system and laws, focusing on specific practice areas including Chinese contract law, foreign investment and administrative laws, merger and acquisition, and dispute resolution. Conducted by Chinese legal practitioners with years of practical experience, the sessions will include a combination of lectures and actual case studies.

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