Our Programmes


Help your child get ready for formal education. Sign up for our P1 preparatory course with these features:

- Learn Chinese language in a happy and robust manner

- Classes integrate Chinese culture knowledge through engaging activities

- Age-appropriate authentic scenerios

- Accurate pronunciation, strokes and order of strokes


Our teachers provide academic guidance to help primary students improve their language ability and better appreciate Chinese culture through these programme features

- Learn Chinese language in a happy and vibrant environment

- Integrates cultural elements within classes aligned to MOE's latest syllabus and examination format

- Engaging tasks designed to stimulate students' interest in the language

- Grooms media literacy; encourages critical thinking and awareness of current affairs

Secondary Level

To meet the needs of students in mainstream and IP tracks, our programmes come with these key features to build content knowledge and exam-ready skills:

- Curricula include local and world cultural topics

- Systematic introduction of Chinese cultural highlights to enhance comprehension and writing skills

- Develop vocabulary to express opinions effectively in the Chinese language

- Grooms medial literacy; encourages critical thinking and awareness of current affairs

Cultural Programmes

- Chinese Calligraphy 书法

- Chinese Rap/Allegro 快板

- Crosstalk 相声

- Drama 戏剧

- Ocarina 陶笛

- Tea Appreciation 茶艺

Enrichment Programmes

Here are some targeted skills enhancement and enrichment classes that we conduct during school holidays and on ad-hoc basis:

- Comprehension & Composition

- Fun with Detective Han Bao Bao

- Higher Chinese Enhancement Class

- PSLE Oral Examination Preparation

- Chinese Culture Workshop Series