Pre-primary Programmes for Children 4 to 6

Let us help your child learn to love Chinese!

If your child is 4

Han Bao Bao Loves Chinese (N2)

Learn through rhymes, stories, drama and fun interactive activities

Tap on curiosity and boost interest to learn

Get them comfortable at expressing themselves in Mandarin

Physical classes available

If your child is 5

Han Bao Bao Loves Chinese (K1)

Groom listening, speech and reading skills through songs, stories and interactive activities

Content based on topics from daily life

Learn basic strokes and foundation linguistic knowledge

Physical classes available

If your child is 6

Han Bao Bao Loves Chinese (K2)

Scenario-based learning

Pick up common words and phrases to express themselves in Chinese

Learn building blocks of Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin

Physical classes available

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Both physical and online classes are now available!

At Han Language Centre, we understand the learning needs of students, as well as the anxieties of parents seeking to boost their children’s Chinese results.

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Media Literacy

As a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings, HLC has access to the deep and wide knowledge base of SPH Chinese Media Group.

Our teachers use educational titles such as 小小拇指,小拇指,大拇指,逗号 as teaching materials for children from pre-primary to secondary levels. Each HLC student gets a personal copy suited to their level every term.

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