Have you prepared for your child’s upcoming PSLE examinations?

Join us at our annual PSLE Talk where our HLC Founder and Curricula Advisor, Mr Ann Jong Juan provides exclusive insights and tips on tackling the PSLE Chinese examination based on over 50 years of teaching experience. From Oral, Composition to Comprehension, we will be discussing the key components and sharing the relevant exam strategies to do well.

As we understand that your child will experience more stress during this period, we have also invited two experienced coaches to share how practicing Mindfulness can be helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety.

Do not miss this opportunity to provide better support for your child during this crucial period. Slots are limited so do register early!


快来参加汉语文中心一年一度的小六会考讲座吧!在今年首发的直播讲座上,我们的创办人兼课程顾问韩永元先生将以他超过50年的教学经验分享独家的应考策略。我们也会讨论不同会考单元 (如:口试、作文、理解问答等) 以及答题技巧,以帮助学生考获高分。



This talk will be conducted in both Mandarin and English via Zoom video conferencing tool.


*Each paying parent can bring along 1 P5/P6 child for free 每位付费的家长可免费带一名 P5/P6 孩童参加讲座

Schedule 时间表

Please note that private recordings of this talk are strictly not allowed. Individuals who are found to conduct private, unauthorized recording during the talk may be subjected to serious privacy breach liability.


Han Language Centre reserves the right at any time in its sole and absolute discretion to modify or cancel the talk.

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